We are looking for you… If you are an entrepreneur with a vision, or a team with a product and the energy to make an impact, reach out to us! We will get to know you, help you, and walk beside you on the rough path that’s creating a company.

Company Building

We are looking for talented entrepreneurs with ideas and the drive to generate a big impact. You don’t have to come with an idea or a team. We just need people with talent, relevant skills, and the will to develop an innovative project with us. We want to learn more about you, so drop us a line and tell us why we should pick you to become a part of this program.


Our 4-month acceleration program uplifts innovative and scalable projects. To do so we offer capital, all the services you need to run your company, mentoring, training, networking opportunities, and the possibility to access our full network of corporate partners to find suitable clients who will fuel your company’s regional and global expansion.


At Kamay Ventures we have the goal to transform eight different business verticals. We believe they are the pillars that hold the future of innovation and the startup ecosystem in our region.


The Internet is revolutionizing the way we buy and sell products. We focus on E-commerce and Mobile-Commerce technology, platforms and solutions.


AgTech, Agrifood, Agrotech, Smart Agro or simply Agricultural Technology. We focus on precision agriculture – or Agriculture 4.0 – projects that can bring tech innovation to farming.


We focus on new payment technologies and platforms, digital insurance, banking services, money management and innovation in financial products and services.

Digital S&OP

This vertical contains everything related with brining tech innovation to supply chain management, sales processes, and industrial operations.


The Internet of Things holds great potential for freight distribution, packaging and logistics, as well as for innovative data gathering and analysis at the point of sale.


This vertical revolves around applying technology to enrich biological processes and the development of new healthier foods and drinks that meet consumer expectations.


Tech can be a powerful force to help the environment. We focus on sustainability, energy generation, and on projects tapping on the 3 Rs: Reduction, Reutilization and Recycling.

What we Offer

Our goal is to approach business acceleration and company building in a different way. We believe in walking by the entrepreneurs in our program at every stage, even in the long term. We are working to create an ample ecosystem, bringing very different players together, creating projects that attend all of their needs, powering up ideas that have true potential, and generating virtuous partnerships that lead to sustainable business models that attain high growth.



We provide capital and all the services necessary to start growing to all the projects we choose to take part in our program.



We combine the talent and vision of the participants in our company building process with our network, funding and partners in order to help them create fast-growing, profitable companies from scratch.



We help the teams participating in our acceleration program develop sustainable business models and growth. We do this through partnerships and by helping them find the right opportunities.

Espacio Co-Work

Office Space

We provide room for startups to develop their businesses in our state-of-the-art co-working space, which includes everything necessary to let our entrepreneurs focus on building their companies without worrying about the minutiae of running an office.



We offer workshops, training sessions, and one-on-one mentoring from some of the industry’s most renown professionals. This way, we help entrepreneurs gain knowledge in key areas and add massive value to their companies.


Any Questions? Reach out to us.

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