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Kamay venture focuses on projects related to E-commerce, AgTech, Fintech, Digital S&OP, Applied Biotech, the Internet of Things, Logistics and the Environment.

Project evaluation for the Company Building program will be done according to the following criteria.

  • + Market size and the magnitude of the opportunity.
  • + Scalability potential in Latin America.
  • + Business Vertical to which the project belongs.
  • + The project’s potential impact, as well as the scope of the proposed goals, reflected in the numbers of the participant corporations.
  • + Good fit with the participant corporations, and the potential to add value to their businesses.

Projects will also be prioritized if:

  • + They have a major impact on the target community of participant corporations.
  • + They can help increase opportunity for certain sectors (for women, for example)
  • + They have a positive impact in the preservation of the environment.
  • + They align with the goals, vision and culture of the corporations that make up Kamay Ventures.

Beside all previously stated points, all projects applying for the Acceleration program must have launched a viable product that already is generating revenue.

It depends. The Company Building stage does not require projects to have any sort of development, as the purpose of this program is to help entrepreneurs refine their idea and launch their business. Projects applying to the acceleration program should have a working product, past sales, and learnings that can be leveraged to attain growth.

This depends on which stage of the program you wish to enter. For the Company Building program an idea, or an unvalidated Minimum Viable Product is enough. For the acceleration program, teams should have a validated Minimum Viable Product withing their target market.

Selection criteria for participants and teams

No. Applying to the program is completely free.

Yes. Individuals can apply to the Company Building program. If you are accepted, we will guide you and help you find suitable partners for your project. The acceleration program requires established teams to apply.

Yes. It is permitted to present multiple projects to the company building program.

No. Only people above legal age can apply to the program.

No. Unincorporated teams are welcome to apply and participate in the program.

If you have any links with either of our founding companies, you can provide ideas for the Company Building program to be developed by a team of entrepreneurs.

Selection Process and Participation

You can always submit your project via our online forms. The first edition of the Program will be accepting applications from August 4th, 2019 through December 5th 2019.

The application will be conducted through Younoodle.com. You can access this platform by clicking the “Apply” button on our page. Projects submitted in any other way will not be considered, and applications that fail to complete every field of the form will not be eligible to participate.

Projects can be submitted in English and/or Spanish.

Yes. You need a business plan, even if it’s not a definitive one. You will have to provide a market analysis of your niche, as well as research on the problem you intend to resolve.

All projects will be formally evaluated. Those that comply with every requisite and with the program’s selection criteria will be presented to the Investment Committee, which will pick what projects are to be accelerated by Kamay Ventueres.

For the Company Building process, all applicants will have to present their projects or ideas during a 3-day long recruiting event, where a jury will reward the best projects. Later on, a committee will evaluate the winning projects and pick those that will make it into the program. Participating at the recruiting event, or getting an award during that stage, does not guarantee the idea or project will be selected for the program.

All applicants must agree to the Program’s Terms and Conditions before they are accepted and considered participants. This applies both to the Acceleration and the Company building programs.

Different aspects of the project will be evaluated: Creativity and innovation; Innovation and business model differentiation with regards to current competitors. Team’s characteristics: Abilities and skills to carry out a project successfully; team members’ professional backgrounds; their social skills, in order to build a professional network; their knowledge of their project’s Industry and market; commitment to the project and the program. Company: Potential market, growth potential, and potential profitability in relation to the business’ core model and complementary activities; expected return of investment, additional necessary investment and risk analysis; commercialization model and the project’s potential social and economic impact; international projection; and scalability.

Yes, all activities have been designed to help projects in the program move forward. Not participating in these activities will be considered a clear sign a participant or team is not interested in the program.

Incorporation into the program requires companies to sign a convertible note that will turn into equity after a given amount of time.

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