Kamay Ventures

Company Building

We are looking for entrepreneurs and professionals with fresh ideas and the desire to work hard to develop them. We want to form talented teams capable of developing business opportunities, which aim to generate innovative and disruptive change.


We promote companies that seek to scale their businesses. We want to meet new projects and companies that need a capital injection, want to attract new customers and continue to grow with some of the most important companies in the region and the world.


Company Building

If you want to grow professionally, become an essential part of a new team, and feel like you are making a difference the Company Building program is for you.

Perfil Emprendedor

Entrepreneurial Profile

Idea con potencial

Ideas with Potential



What we are Looking For:

In general terms entrepreneurs should have these characteristics:

  • a. Creativity and innovation
  • b. Clear ideas
  • c. A drive to take risks
  • d. Adjust easily to ever-changing scenarios
  • e. A great capacity to prioritize
  • f. Be sociable and a good communicator
  • g. Be tenacious and persistent
  • H. Be flexible and adaptive to every circumstance
  • i. A natural optimist

Great ideas not always make great businesses. We seek ideas that help solve real problems, that real clients are willing to pay to unravel.

We are looking for professionals who can make a difference in one of the many areas involved in growing a business.

Talent comes in many forms. We are looking for talented individuals with a strong focus on technology and innovation.



We inject speed and growth into existing projects by providing financial, technical and legal support for a 4 month period. We are looking for startups that already have:

Equipo Formado

Formed teams


Tested business models

Primera Venta

Had actual sales and capacity to grow


At Kamay Ventures we aim to transform, revolutionize and innovate seven business verticals. We believe that these are the pillars that support the basis of the future of the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem.


The Internet is revolutionizing the way we buy and sell products. We focus on E-commerce and Mobile-Commerce technology, platforms and solutions.


AgTech, Agrifood, Agrotech, Smart Agro or simply Agricultural Technology. We focus on precision agriculture – or Agriculture 4.0 – projects that can bring tech innovation to farming.


We focus on new payment technologies and platforms, digital insurance, banking services, money management and innovation in financial products and services.

Digital S&OP

This vertical contains everything related with brining tech innovation to supply chain management, sales processes, and industrial operations.


The Internet of Things holds great potential for freight distribution, packaging and logistics, as well as for innovative data gathering and analysis at the point of sale.


This vertical revolves around applying technology to enrich biological processes and the development of new healthier foods and drinks that meet consumer expectations.


Tech can be a powerful force to help the environment. We focus on sustainability, energy generation, and on projects tapping on the 3 Rs: Reduction, Reutilization and Recycling.

Why do we Invest in these Verticals?

Advancements in technology are transforming the way we live. And it’s not enough for us to adapt to these changes. We believe that the true winners of this transformation will be the professionals and companies that manage to get ahead of innovation and generate truly disruptive products and processes.

The digitalization of industry is a groundbreaking revolution. A revolution that is rapidly changing paradigms that not long ago appeared to be set in stone. We are talking about processes that range from large scale centralized industrial manufacturing to the way companies relate to their suppliers, customers, and their own workers. Things that could change radically in the years to come.

We want to help our startups grow and become true disruptors, capable of not just accompanying innovation, but becoming true instruments of change in industries we know present real business opportunities, and in which we are able to help them boost their growth in association with our partners.

A Huge Opportunity for Corporations

The move towards industry 4.0 is slow but unstoppable. And while some companies go out of their way to find ways to take advantage of the opportunities presented by it, others barely adapt, and most stay out of this process altogether. Today one in three companies has not taken any kind of measure in relation to these changes. And, among those that did, most tackle innovation as isolated improvements on different areas, and lack a general strategy. Needless to say, most fail to get the results they desire.

We are convinced that time has come for corporations to realize that we are entering a new reality. And that, far from threatening their business models, this new paradigm offers a new opportunity. An opportunity that will require them to embrace change and adopt technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality, Collaborative Robotics, 3D Printing and Blockchain, among others. Taking advantage of these innovations, companies can make their processes more efficient every step of the way: from product design and manufacturing, to the supply chain and their points of sale.

But making such radical changes from within an organization is never easy. For that reason, we are convinced that corporations can benefit from the talent, vision and dynamism of tech entrepreneurs and their projects. That they can establish symbiotic relations that would allow them to develop new processes that will help them update their industries and not just overcome the challenges of this new era, but use them to their advantage and grow even more.