Kamay Talks

KamayTalks was born in times of restrictions, a space designed to listen, ask, share and debate with experts and entrepreneurs.

  • How to lead your startup in times of extreme uncertainty

    A lot of uncertainty entails being an entrepreneur in a healthy context, and trying to raise capital and scale your business, as well as to do so today in a stagnant global economy, with a paradigm shift.

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  • From unprecedented crisis to Annus Mirabilis

    In a vision of the post-pandemic financial industry, we analyze trends and impact by talking from different points of view.

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  • A New Paradigm: Opportunities for Growth

    COVID-19 is accelerating trends of change and is doing it in a more structural way. Does the strongest survive or the one who adapts the fastest?

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  • Food, Logistics & Tech - The New Paradigm

    We spoke with three actors in the current gastronomic scene to find out their vision about how COVID-19 and new technologies are modifying the way we eat.

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  • How to work with large corporations

    What does a corporation need from an entrepreneur and don't know it yet? What are the key factors when working with a corporation?

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  • Digital commerce - What changed? What's the plan?

    What are the trends and new consumer behaviors in digital commerce due to changes in lifestyle and consumption habits that caused the pandemic?

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  • A conversation with Alan Moore

    Alan Moore, designer and business innovator, author of the business transformation books "Do Design" and "Do Build" invites us to reflect on how to build companies that create a better future.

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Fundraising Stories

We created a space for entrepreneurs to share their stories, learnings, experiences, and anecdotes of how they raised their financing rounds.

  • Lecchain
  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Oracle
  • Torcuato Di Tella